Keeping Jazz Alive Through Live Performances

The Dave Braun Trio delivers gripping on-stage performances. We play clubs, shows, festivals, and events in the Midwest, including Wisconsin and Illinois.

My Philosophy

I believe that jazz music is an expression that must come from the heart. The art of playing it is simply the ability to convey your feeling through the songs you choose with the uninhibited openness of your heart.

Jazz music developed from the work song, which has a call-and-response format. It blends African rhythms and European harmonies together, integrating these qualities to create a new world of sound. Unlike other styles of music, it was played first in the streets before being analyzed in colleges. That’s why jazz music is so unique. To me, it is the only true American art form.

Dave Braun

Short Biography

For more than 30 years, I have been performing with my jazz trio in the Midwest. I have been playing Friday nights at the Hob Nob Restaurant in Kenosha, WI since 1995. I have also been a regular at the Yardarm Bar and Grill since 1983.

I started out by strumming chords on a ukulele when I was very young. My father, Joe Braun, is a locally well-known tenor banjo player from Racine, WI and the one who influenced me. I remember how I used to sit on the floor and watch him play melodies and chords on the banjo. His playing was so passionate that I could feel his heart coming right through the instrument. He showed me my first chords, the proper way to hold a pick, and the correct fingerings for scales.

It was not until I was 19 when I started taking lessons from Gary Wolk to learn how to read music. Two years after that, I was accepted as a music major at the University of Wisconsin.

Dave Braun Jazz Trio

The Dave Braun Trio is a traditional jazz trio in the style of Barney Kessel’s. In this group, I’m joined by my wife, Paula, and my son, Pete. Together, we play emotionally charged jazz music.

Dave Braun Jazz Sextet

Dave Braun Sextet is made up of the core trio and joined by two other individuals that alternate. With his help, we can take our musical performances to the next level.

Me and Barney Kessel

I had a lesson with Barney Kessel on February 14, 1985. We played for about three hours. Then, Barney joined Paula and I for a nice prime rib dinner. Afterward, we went to hear him play a duo with Emily Remler. These are photos from the day.  In May of 2021, Bruce Forman acquired Barney's guitar.  He was kind enough to let me play it and later called me up on stage to play a duet with him.   

What Our Audiences Have Said

- Gerald Cannon

“Hi, Dave & Paula. Great site, it’s very clean and to the point. You guys are two of the best musicians around and I wish you all the best. Take care, my old friends.”

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